everything looks better…

from above

Specializing in Aerial Photography and Video for private individuals and professionals who need to see things from above. FAA Part 107 CERTIFIED


I am looking to take on challenging new projects. If you have any professional photography projects (such as Real Estate or Insurance property inspections) or individual video or photography projects, please contact me.

→ Real Estate/Insurance Inspection Aerial Photography

Let me give prospective buyers a stunning view, or prevent you from inspecting a 2nd or 3rd story roof.

→ Family Photo/Video sessions

Weddings? Reunions? Family Sack Race? We can capture all the good times!

→ Adventure Sports

We can make you the YouTube star you always knew you were. Whether its skiing, boating, motocross or something else, we can get all the good angles.

5 years
of experience

JP Mansell has been flying drones of some kind or another for the last 5 years, and also uses GoPro and various gimbals to achieve the best possible result for you. He is FAA Part 107 Certified and licensed.

Rate Chart:

Drone Photography (within 2 hour drive): $50/hour, unlimited number of images, editing provided

Drone Videography (within 2 hour drive): $90/hour, still pictures included, video and photo editing provided.

Destination Videography/Photography (over 4 hours away): I do enjoy traveling, and i have a valid and current passport. My daily rate is $750 per day, along with transportation, and I will be your personal videographer and editor.

All photos and videos will be delivered on a USB flash drive, or in the case of a Destination Videographer job, on a portable SSD drive.