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Saturday October 1 was Bridge Day

On Saturday October 1, I finally tackled a project I had been thinking about for some time. I wanted to fly around some of my favorite bridges that crossed the Ohio River between Indiana and Kentucky. The video below is a compilation of all of the bridges i visited on Saturday October 1. Lewis and […]

Safety Issues force the hand of Bloomington, and the Johnson Creamery smokestack is…er…circumcised..

Johnson’s Creamery is a historic creamery building located at Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana. The original section was built about 1914, and is a two-story, rectangular, red brick building. Additions were made to the original building until 1951, and are all constructed of red brick with parapets. The iconic smokestack dates to 1949. Johnson’s Creamery vacated […]

Iconic IU building is demolished

The Poplars building on Seventh street in Bloomington was a landmark and for many years, the tallest building on Campus. The building, which was constructed in 1964 as a hotel, was purchased by Indiana University in 1972, and eventually converted to office space. The 150,000-square-foot facility was doomed by the IU board of trustees about […]

Long-overdue construction project progress

Last week i went and checked out the progress being made at one of our most complex intersections. For those of you not from around here, we had 5 roads meeting in a haphazard way, with frequent backups on at least 2 of the roads. To say it was irritating would be an understatement After […]


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