A very productive week

This past week was full of activity. On Monday, February 20, I visited five of the covered bridges north of Brazil Indiana.

The first place I went, was the Mansfield covered bridge and boardwalk. It’s incredibly long and obviously well constructed. Apparently the mill nearby had a Millwheel for a long time, but it fell apart and hasn’t been replaced.

The second bridge I visited was the Bridgeton bridge. This bridge by far was the best looking and in the best shape. I managed to get some pretty good pictures and video using the drone as well as my iPhone.

The third bridge I visited was the Neet covered bridge.

The fourth bridge was the McAlister’s covered bridge, still in use as a vehicular bridge

The fifth bridge I visited, was probably the oldest one, the crooks covered bridge

I do plan on checking out more of these covered bridges, we have a lot of them here in Indiana

Lake Monroe Sunrise

On Thursday the 23rd, I stopped at Lake Monroe and took some of the best photos I have ever taken of the sunrise over the lake. I have been taking a class on iPhone photography and I utilized a lot of what I have learned.


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