Amazing sunset pictures/video, and a new biz page


This weekend I took some really good video at Lake Lemon of my pal Ross doing the Jetski thing, and later some incredible sunset photos. Every time i go there, I want more and more to live on a lake, or the ocean. Just near water. I find it soothing, captivating, and beautiful.

Today, i have created my Nextdoor business page. I am also going to be checking with some insurance professionals to see if I could work with them to get difficult-to-get pictures. Honestly, there are not a lot of insurance adjusters/inspectors who wish to climb around on a second story roof or worse. I would cut them a nice discount provided i could be their go-to for those jobs. Hopefully by the end of the week i will have some timeframes lined up to do some more video work at Lake Lemon. There is so much there, I had no idea. Have a great day, and keep looking at the sky!


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