Bike riding at night through the streets of Bloomington.

Last night I decided to participate in an evening bike ride. Everyone met at Bloomington City Hall and right away I can see that this is going to be a great time. People of all types are there. Older people, like me, younger people, college students. Even a very large parrot named Charlie, who was happy just to ride on the back of his owners bike. 28 of us rode probably 11 miles or so, at a very leisurely pace. Many of the people had some very interesting LEDs on their bikes, and Mason, one of the organizers, was towing a child’s trailer with a Bluetooth speaker in the back. We had music, we had conversation, we had a beautiful cool night, and we had the moon. It was like being in a rolling garden party. I truly am looking forward to doing it again.

Charlie on his perch

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