Meeting a local Artist: Tommy James

Today I had an item I posted on Facebook Marketplace, and the buyer asked if I could deliver it to him. Since the address was here in Bloomington, and I am a friendly guy, I said Sure! When I arrived, I was greeted by someone who looked like they fell out of time from 1969-1976, a really amazing guy named Tommy James. Now I know you are probably thinking, Oh yeah, he was a singer. NOT that Tommy James. This one is an artist of wood.

Some of his designs defy your imagination, almost physics. The table in the top center has a pattern that makes you wonder if the blocks are 3D or is it flat? Tommy uses a variety of tools available to him to create his masterpieces including CAD, 3D modeling software, and geometric drawings. What comes out is a labor of love, something he can see in his head that makes sense to him and comes out beautiful. Here he is in the process of making one of his designs.

If you are looking for something unique, something CRAFTED by a true artist, please do me a favor and check out Tommy’s Facebook page. He does everything from cutting boards, to full on tables. And at the moment is also renovating a former bus into a motor home. With the same level of craftsmanship.


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