Memories of Athens

In going through my old videos today, I realized I could’ve dedicated an entire video to my orbit around the Parthenon

If you’re curious about the Parthenon and its fabled history, Do a Wikipedia search on it and check out the amazing things that of happened there. This building has been a temple to Athena, a Christian church, and a mosque.

I was a little surprised when I flew my drone away from our Airbnb that there were no restrictions on flying around the Parthenon. Usually the software that DJI puts in their drones keeps you from flying over some places like this. 

It really is imposing looking at this structure from anywhere in Athens. It sits on a giant rock 500 feet up and no matter where you are for the most part you can’t miss it.

Cheryl and I toured the Parthenon the next day and if you’re going to do it I recommend one thing, get there very early. Find out when they open and get there then. It will be crowded by the mid day.


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