A New Service I can provide

I remember the first house my parents had built way back in 1972. From what I remember, this simple 1200 square-foot home cost them a grand total of $14,200. A princely sum in those days.

They had just moved out of a suburb of Detroit, and our new town had more cows and horses than it did people. I loved our new house, it had a basement and my sister and I used to rollerskate all around it.

Many happy memories from that time. And some very faded and out of focus pictures of the construction. Many of us still take pictures of our new homes under construction, but wouldn’t it be nice if we had a Time lapse compiling all of those before and after pictures? That’s my latest service.

Currently, because I’d like to get started doing this, I am offering this service for $100 and that would include pictures and video taken on at least a weekly basis, condensed and edited into a video and photos suitable for framing.


If you know anyone who might be interested in this, please direct them my way. By the time spring rolls around I will be able to also do indoor video


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