Safety Issues force the hand of Bloomington, and the Johnson Creamery smokestack is…er…circumcised..

Johnson’s Creamery is a historic creamery building located at Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana. The original section was built about 1914, and is a two-story, rectangular, red brick building. Additions were made to the original building until 1951, and are all constructed of red brick with parapets. The iconic smokestack dates to 1949. Johnson’s Creamery vacated the building in 1987.

The walking/biking path called the B-Line trail was completed in 2019, and as it runs on a former rail line, nobody thought anything about how close it was to a very old brick smokestack. Once it was brought to the attention of the city, plans were made to reduce the height of the smokestack. The B-Line trail was rerouted to give people a wide path around the smokestack, should it fall.

In summer of 2022, this work was completed, and the B-line trail running next to the creamery was re-opened.


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