Author: sunseekervp

  • Quick stop at the New River Gorge Bridge

    This intimidating bridge was once the highest bridge in the United States. You can still fit the Statue of Liberty underneath it

  • The Wabash Cannonball bridge.

    This was the most rickety, scary, and insane bridge i have ever crossed. But it is historic and rumor has it soon to be demolished. This bridge is a most unusual historic bridge, both because this large, multi-span structure is composed of spans from three different dates and also because of its conversion for vehicular […]


  • Amazing sunset pictures/video, and a new biz page

    6/22/22 This weekend I took some really good video at Lake Lemon of my pal Ross doing the Jetski thing, and later some incredible sunset photos. Every time i go there, I want more and more to live on a lake, or the ocean. Just near water. I find it soothing, captivating, and beautiful. Today, […]

  • A New Project in the Works!!

    Last evening, I was asked to do some filming for a website upgrade for a lake nearby. Today was a perfect day for flying, so I got some baseline video of the area I would be filming and tested out some filters and settings. I am really looking forward to this project which will see […]