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  • A New Service I can provide

    I remember the first house my parents had built way back in 1972. From what I remember, this simple 1200 square-foot home cost them a grand total of $14,200. A princely sum in those days. They had just moved out of a suburb of Detroit, and our new town had more cows and horses than […]


  • Memories of Athens

    In going through my old videos today, I realized I could’ve dedicated an entire video to my orbit around the Parthenon If you’re curious about the Parthenon and its fabled history, Do a Wikipedia search on it and check out the amazing things that of happened there. This building has been a temple to Athena, […]

  • Meeting a local Artist: Tommy James Today I had an item I posted on Facebook Marketplace, and the buyer asked if I could deliver it to him. Since the address was here in Bloomington, and I am a friendly guy, I said Sure! When I arrived, I was greeted by someone who looked like they fell out of time from […]

  • The beautiful West Baden Inn

    The West Baden Springs Hotel, formerly known as the West Baden Inn, is part of the French Lick Resort and is a national historic landmark hotel in West Baden Springs, Orange County, Indiana. It is known for the 200-foot (61 m) dome covering its atrium. Prior to the completion of the Coliseum in Charlotte, North […]

  • Happy Friday!

    Hey I sure hope everybody’s having a good day, and that continue through the weekend. I take some pictures of the sunrise this morning because it seemed like it was going to be a pretty spectacular one. What I like about these pictures is the inevitable sunrise with the gas station in the foreground with […]

  • Short trip today.

    Here’s a small preview of what I’ve been working on today. It was a short visit and by no means complete. But once it’s finished I think you will be impressed with this Indiana landmark

  • Bike riding at night through the streets of Bloomington.

    Last night I decided to participate in an evening bike ride. Everyone met at Bloomington City Hall and right away I can see that this is going to be a great time. People of all types are there. Older people, like me, younger people, college students. Even a very large parrot named Charlie, who was […]

  • Capturing symmetry

    Today at lunch I was right next to a cornfield and I remembered seeing some video footage from somewhere and my thought was, I wonder if the drone can give that same odd feeling of flying just offset of the rows. I find it hypnotic but you can be the judge yourself

  • Covered Bridge from a winter flight

    Indiana’s longest double span covered bridge, open to foot traffic only, spans the East Fork of White River. Built by Joseph J. Daniels in 1884 and named for the nearby town of Williams. It is a Howe Truss Design, a length of 402′ including 13′ overhangs and it is on the National Register of Historic […]

  • I’ve always wondered what a silo looks like inside

    My boss is clearing his land to build a new home. He deconstructed a 150 year old barn, saving most of the wood. The only thing left was the silo, and I was challenged to fly down into it. So of course, I did it!